Saturday, May 1, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day??

I got up early today and headed over to Tiffany's to help her with her garage sale. I totally didn't know it was National Scrapbooking Day today until a lady at the sale mentioned  it to me. I guess it just wasn't on my radar! That's what happens when you have a million and one things going on in your life. I spent a few hours with Tiffany, which was nice, we got some time to chat and hang out. I'm sure going to miss her when she moves. I'm trying not to think about it too much yet. Nancy came over with me for a while too and managed to find a few things to buy. Tiffany has such great scrapbooking things for sale, I managed to come home with more stuff too. Not too surprising.
So when I came home I headed out to the Loveshack and finished up this album that I started a few months ago. The pages were all done, I really just had to put pictures into it and add a few embellishments. I like it when it's easy  like that. The entire project is Me and My Big Ideas products and it was part of a kit Tiffany gave me. Now you see why I'll miss her?? LOL!!
I'm heading off to Georgia next week and will be hitting up the local Archivers. There just happens to be one right in the town I'm staying at. How lucky am I? So I figure I'll stop in there at least once, maybe twice. There's also a scrapbookoutlet store, I can't remember the actual name of it though. I'll try to post about it later this week. Let me know what you think of the album. Have a great week!


Tracy said...

Ohh Cindy your mini book is beautiful.
I did work on mine for my nephew today. My plan was to work on it all day. I started after supper LOL. Best layed plans.

Tiffany said...

Glad you finally added your's looks fabulous! Thanks for all the help yesterday...passports paid for. :)

cindy said...

Thanks ladies! I love how it turned out too.
Tiffany- Congrats on making enough from the sale for you passports- I never doubted you would.
Tracey- I'll keep checking your blog this week to see how your book is coming along. You can do it!!