Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mike's Prom 2010

In our small town the school has only about 900 kids for all 4 grades, 9th through 12th. So, because of that, when it's time for Prom, all of the kids get to go. This is only the second dance Mike has been to in the two years he has been in high school. He asked a good friend of his, Taylor, to go as his date. They arent boyfriend/girlfriend, just good friends. Jim helped Mike with his tie and cufflinks and I snapped a few pictures. Then I asked Jim to take picture of me with Mike at the front porch- always my favorite spot for pictures. Then we headed over to a friends house where everyone would be meeting.
The boys were anxiously waiting on the front porch for the girls to be ready- it was funny to watch them make small talk and patiently wait. Maybe a little nervously too.
 The girls finally made their entrance and Mike and Taylor exchanged flowers and posed for a few quick shots for me. Then all of the kids lined up in the yard for group pictures.
This group of kids are all really nice, they all posed willingly and did just about anything we parents asked them to do. There were lots of parent there snapping pictures of their kids and the whole group too- it was a really nice experience.
Mike and Taylor posed for a few more pictures for me- of course Mike had to do his "classic" pose and we got Taylor to play along- Cute.Then Shelby and anothe girl(sorry I forgot her name!) asked Mike to pose with them- hmmmm.... And this silly little girl gave Mike a run for his money in joking around while posing. They are all headed off to the Ram restaurant for dinner and then to the dance. I hope he has a great time!

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Tracy said...

Nice pictures, Looks like a nice, fun group of kids.
My daughter just graduated from college. I can't believe it.