Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finishing up projects

Here are a few projects I finally managed to get finished today. The first is a "friends" book Tiffany gave me for my birthday - last year. I had most of the pictures set aside for a while but got a few recent ones printed to add in. I love how it turned out. The two scrap pages are from last Monday's scrap day at Tiffany's. They both needed a few finishing touches to complete once I got home. I also did some purging of my supplies and plan on taking stuff to the local scrap book store for their sale. It's always good to get rid of some things to help justify buying new stuff!! I'm off to Sacramento this week for work and hope to fit in a stop at a cool scrap store Tiffany told me about- the Green Tangerine. Cant wait to check it out.

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