Sunday, September 27, 2009

Working in the Love Shack

I have two pictures that have been sitting on my desk waiting for my dear husband to hang them for almost a month now. I went out to the shack today to put away my goodies from yesterday and saw them still sitting there. So I went back to the house to get the next best thing to Jim, CAMERON. He happily climbed onto the shelf and hung the pictures. He asked where I wanted them, double checked before pounding the nail and he even stopped twice to pose for pictures- LOL!!
What a nice guy.
The scrap page below is one I started when I scrapped at Tiffany's a few weeks ago. I got it done last week and finally took a picture of it today, I like how it turned out.
So I'm off to Sacramento tomorrow night for 3 days of meetings at a customer. I'm kind of mixed about how I feel about traveling again so soon, the work needs to be done but it feels like I just got home. I'll try to post again from the road, not sure if I'll fit in any scrap shopping but you never now....

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