Thursday, September 3, 2009

Creative after work

I pulled out my box of older pictures and scrapped a two page spread of Mike 's 2004 school year. That year I managed to go on a few field trips with him and spend some Friday mornings at the Prairie assembly, I still remember the Prairie Panther school song! I used some old paper too, just to keep the "old" theme going. It's hard to remember the finer details of some of the older pictures but I love looking back at how little the kids were and recalling some of the fun times. The other picture is of my "works in progress" for this week. There's a picture from Long Beach and a picture of me and my dad for Tiffany's challenge. I hope to get them both done tomorrow after work, remember I said hope.... This has been a crazy week at work, one day that started at 5 am and the next one at 3 am, yuck. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday but I have to work Saturday so it almost doesn't even feel like Friday. Now if I can sneak out early.....wish me luck.

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