Sunday, August 16, 2009

The covered bridge

We have a few "traditions" that we follow each time we head to Long Beach. Some happen every year and some don't, depending on how tired we are. This year we stopped at the covered bridge that we found on one of trips. I love this bridge, I have pictures of all 4 kids from the first time we stopped. They were so little compared to know. Unfortunately Rachel is missing from this years pictures but I guess that's going to happen more and more since she's moved out on her own. The kids all ended up in the water this year, something that doesn't usually happen. Jim made Morgan and Mike jump 3 times before he would give them a towel and boy was that water cold! Cameron ended up in the water when he tried to get the second rope and the "swing" didn't bring him back all the way. I'm glad we stopped this year and looked forward to the next time too.

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Tiffany said...

Love the covered bridge photos! Too cool.