Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sea lions in Astoria

We could hear the sea lions way before we could actually see them. I think we heard them from the Goonie house! They were such an interesting part of our trip that we actually went to see them twice. There are hundreds of them laying on a dock, barking and swimming in the waters all day long. The kids started out of the dock up above them , then they got brave and walked down into the boat dock area to get a closer look. Mike took the camera to try to get some close up shots of them but every time he got any kind of close they work bark and let him know he was venturing into their territory. It was funny to watch the kids inch closer and then take off running as soon as they barked. We stayed for about a half hour both times we stopped, watching the sea lions and just hanging out. I highly recommend a stop there if you happen to be in Astoria, it's worth a stop.

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