Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Exploring Astoria Oregon

The first day of our vacation was spent exploring Astoria, Oregon. There is really quite a bit to do and see in that little town. We visited the "Goonie House" of course, even though most of us couldn't even remember what the house looked like. We watched the Goonies later that night to remind us of course. We also visited Flavel House, an amazing mansion built by one of the richest men in Astoria during the 1800's. It was very cool to look at the "modern" conveniences in the house, running water and toilets. The ceilings we 12 feet high and the doorways were 9 feet, really amazing. It made me wish I had lived back in those days, only if I got to live in a house like that of course. As Jim puts it- "I wish we lived back when everyone was in black and white". Funny. More tomorrow- have a great day!

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