Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fanny Anns - Sacramento

I typically travel to Sacramento a few times a year for business and Jim told me about this fun restaurant in Old Sacramento called Fanny Anns. I went once with a co-worker and finally Jim and I were able to go together. We had two days in the Sacramento area on business and we made a point of heading to Fanny Anns together for lunch. It was great. The burgers are super delicious, huge, yummy, and the service is funky. You hear your name called out over a speaker and go pick up your food at a window. The funniest part was my trip to the bathroom, they make it real fun to try to figure out which one is which. I finally had some guy poke his head into one door and I looked in the other and then went in. I think I got it right!! The decor is way quirky, lots of oddball old stuff hung on the walls and peoples names written everywhere. Definitely cool. Check it out if you are in the Sacramento area, it's worth a stop.


Tracy said...

This does look like and interesting place to eat. I think I would spend most of the time just taking everything in.

Tiffany said...

I love Fanny Anns! It's been YEARS since I've been there. IThose hamburgers looked sooo good!