Sunday, February 7, 2010

Making the Beer

Jim's mom gave him a beer making kit for Christmas and about a month ago he and Mike decided to give it a try. The one thing about beer making you need to know is, it takes a LONG time. There are some real specific cleaning and hygeine things that have to happen first so a bunch of yucky bacteria doesn't form and ruin your beer. Then it just time waiting, for weeks and weeks. Last night the beer was ready to be tasted. And before I get a bunch or dirty looks for letting my boy have a drink of beer, know that is was just a drink, not a whole bottle of beer. I dont allow my kids to drink, I dont drink and Jim rarely drinks. This was just a fun thing for Mike and Jim to do together and they had a great time doing, just look at those crazy smiles on their faces. The beer turned out great , I'm not sure if they'll do it again any time soon but it was definately alot of fun.

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