Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pictures of the kids

I don't know what it is about February, or November for that matter, but those months always make me want to take family pictures. I think it might be the way the weather still looks nice in November, like it's not quite Winter yet. And in February we get a few days of really nice weather that make me think Spring is coming. Either way, the days are clear and cold and the kids are full of energy. So much so that it's always a challenge to get them to focus on posing for me. Before I took these pictures today Jim was sure to remind me that "this is our thing", the kids complain and you get frustrated but in the end they always play along and give you what your after. And true to form, they all complained about one thing or another- the clothes I wouldn't let them wear, how cold it was outside, how long it was taking, the boys goofing around, how may pictures I was taking. It was our normal photo shoot. They also laughed a lot, goofed around with each other, posed with each other and smiled for me just enough to give me a few gems out of almost 200 shots. And you know what; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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