Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the Road Again

So I hate posts without pictures but sometimes there's nothing to be done about it. I am sitting here in the Seattle airport waiting for my flight to Minneapolis and I dont have any pictures on my laptop. And I didnt bring a camera. Shocking, I know! I am spending the next 3 days working in a town just out side Minneapolis. I've been checking the weather for the last few days because , you know, winter in the Mid West- not so fun. Luckily the last snow predicted for this week was yesterday, the next few days are supposed to just be clear and cold. And when I say cold, I mean COLD. The highs are supposed to be in the upper teens and the lows in the single digits. Single digits?? Not looking forward to that. I did pack a heavy coat, gloves and a scarf because I'm sure I'll need them. So, being the dedicated scrapper that I am, I checked to see if there are any good scrapping stores in the Minneapolis area. And- there are 3 Archivers! Holy cow, did they originate in Minneapolis or something? Not that I'm complaining, it will make it easy to stop by one in my off time or lunch break. I'm hoping to get my hands on some new CHA goodies. Wish me luck!

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